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Bernie Supporter Accidentally Has Sex With Someone Who Voted For Kanye West

BOZEMAN, MT — Sources confirmed Saturday that local Bernie supporter, Ericka Harper, discovered late Friday night that the man she hooked up with Friday evening voted for Kanye West. “It’s truly an outrage,” said Ericka’s friend who requested to remain anonymous. “Ericka has been a die-hard Bernie supporter since 2018 and I can’t even imagine what she must be going through.”

Bernie Sanders and Kanye West announced that they were running in the 2020 Presidential election with Sanders hoping to secure the nomination of the Democratic Party and West running as the independent “Birthday Party” movement with a vision of bringing Christian-based prayer back into the public schools system. Both candidates promised fundamental change for the country and, despite being equally unlikely to gain enough support to win the election, the rift between Bernie and Kanye camps could not have been more divisive.

“I’m honestly surprised,” said Ericka’s friend, “that Ericka’s first question upon matching with him wasn’t, ‘Who did you vote for?’ That’s how much politics matter to her. At least she asked if he had a condom. Can you even imagine if they had a baby together?”

Ms. Harper did not respond when we reached out to her for comment.

Written by Jan Miller

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