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On Again/Off Again Couple OFF Again

DENVER, CO- Tumultuous couple, Victoria Hernandez and Joshua Hurst, reported to friends and family Friday night that the two have decided to break up. While stuffing a couple days worth of clothes into a garbage bag, Victoria was quoted saying, “Well maybe it’s just better if we are not together at all. If you need me, I will be at Naomi’s.”

Naoimi, who is Victoria’s long time best friend said, “This happens like every 4 months. She is always welcome to crash here. Everyone knows Josh is kind of a dick.” Sources close to Joshua Hurst have confirmed that he is, actually, kind of a dick.

In the midst of the dispute Joshua did take to social media. In a facebook post that some would describe as vague, Joshua wrote, “Hey gang, just did the Kanye shrug to someone close to me, can’t go into details but I might need a new roommate soon 🤷.” The post received mixed reviews, with some using the haha react, while others chimed in with a sad or care react.

Experts are still unsure if this is an actual break up or part of a bigger pattern, we will continue to report updates as this story continues.

Written by Matt Struck. Matt is an INFP by trade and a ENFJ by choice.

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