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On Again/Off Again Couple ON Again

DENVER, CO- Tumultuous couple, Victoria Hernandez and Joshua Hurst, reported to friends and family Saturday morning that the two have decided to get back together.

After spending a week apart, the two parties met at their favorite coffee shop to discuss reconciliation. In a fragile state Joshua was able to murmur the sentence, “We have been together too long to throw it all away.” Victoria, who spent the last week in a spare bedroom at Naomi’s house said, “I just don’t know what I would do without you.” After 52 minutes of discussing how “things are going to be different from now on” the two were seen sharing a laugh in regards to a viral video that both had seen during the separation.

While we have not been able to confirm which viral video filled them both with joy, sources suspect it was a video of a dog that ate entire birthday cake while it’s owner was not home.

Naomi, Victoria’s best friend, who also has a history of being involved in the couple’s disputes said, “Those two deserve each other.” A comment which could spark a heated text exchange if it ever gets back to Victoria.

People close to the couple are still unsure how long the two will actually stay together this time. Derek Powell, co-worker and former friend of Josh’s told reporters that he overheard an argument just hours after the couple made up. When asked for his perspective on this passionate couple he said, “Naomi is right, those two do deserve each other.”

Written by Matt Struck. Matt is an INFP by trade and a ENFJ by choice.

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